Committed to Making a Difference

Morrison Hershfield is committed to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Morrison Hershfield is committed to social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We understand that as a large multidisciplinary engineering firm our actions can greatly impact the earth and its social, physical and natural features.

We will work collaboratively with our clients and partners, striving to protect and enhance the natural and built environment. Morrison Hershfield’s professionals and practitioners work to minimize and, where necessary, mitigate adverse impacts to our environment throughout the company in both our operations and our services.

Morrison Hershfield will lead by example, thereby demonstrating that a successful business can balance economic, social and environmental goals, ultimately leading to true sustainability. We will also provide real and effective solutions to our clients and partners, enabling them to pursue sustainability in parallel with our internal direction.

Our commitment to sustainability has far reaching implications on both our external work and on our internal operations. The responsibility to uphold the sustainability focus in our culture lies with each and every employee of Morrison Hershfield.

Our Commitment and Role

Morrison Hershfield is committed to environmental sustainability. As an engineering firm, our role with respect to the environment is magnified, as the nature of our work affects the environmental sustainability of our own operations and that of our clients. Morrison Hershfield’s professionals and practitioners work to minimize and, where unavoidable, mitigate adverse impacts to our environment in both our operations and our services. We aim to incorporate and communicate real solutions to our clients, enabling them to pursue sustainability in parallel with their project goals and objectives. We will remain committed to improving the world where we work, live and play.

Our Environmental and Sustainability Priorities

It is essential that we employ the right measures in pursuing sustainability and in determining and communicating the correct indicators to our clients using sound engineering principles and methods. To prioritize sustainability in our business practices, we will:

  • Understand and communicate the appropriate metrics, both internally and to our clients, so that informed more sustainable decisions can be made.
  • Advance toward operational sustainability through a process of continuous improvement. Consideration will be given, but not limited to:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Water & Wastewater
Ecology & Nature

Human Health
Social Stewardship
Education & Awareness

  • Work in partnership with our clients and partners, enabling them to pursue and achieve long-term sustainability.
  • Elevate our employees’ understanding of environmental issues.
  • Push the boundaries. Be innovative in finding solutions that advance us, our clients and the public toward environmental sustainability.
  • Monitor progress and report annually to the Board of Directors and our staff.


Our commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability has strengthened. And, we remain committed to attracting and nurturing our talent, keeping our people safe at work, and promoting efficient and socially responsible habits in and out of the workplace. This year, the CSR Report updates efforts and measures our success in four key areas: Our People, Our Culture, Our Capabilities and Our Practices.

For details on our progress with each of these important measures, please read the full report here.


A carbon footprint is a method to calculate the amount of Greenhouse Gas produced to support human activities. We have helped many clients reduce the carbon footprint of their projects. We also know the importance of reducing our own carbon footprint as it is a key indicator of our environmental and health impacts on people and the planet. By understanding the carbon footprint of our operations, we can actively take steps to improve air quality, energy efficiency and provide better working environments for our employees.

In 2019 we reassessed our carbon footprint to examine how it has changed over the last ten years. The good news is that despite our physical growth, we reduced our carbon footprint per employee by 41%.

Read the full Carbon Footprint Update here.

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