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Climate Ready Solutions

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Every project is an opportunity for climate action. Together we will make a difference.

Morrison Hershfield is committed to helping our clients achieve their climate change mitigation and adaptation goals through the projects we deliver. We provide innovative and practical solutions that account for the impacts of climate change, provide long-term value and contribute to a healthier and more equitable and resilient world.

Climate Ready Solutions for Sustainable Project Success

Morrison Hershfield helps our clients account for and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate on their services, infrastructure and communities while also accounting for and reducing the carbon emissions of those projects.

Our approach to developing Climate Ready Solutions involves partnering with our clients and communities to:

  • Achieve organizational climate change commitments.
  • Understand vulnerabilities to climate change.
  • Identify risks and ensure resilience to climate change. 
  • Conduct GHG/carbon footprint inventories.
  • Prepare decarbonization options evaluations, assessments and plans.
  • Undertake renewable energy planning and approvals.

Climate-Focused Planning and Engineering Solutions

Morrison Hershfield provides innovative and technically sophisticated planning and engineering solutions. We also apply a climate lens that considers the impacts of our projects on the environment, and the impacts of climate change on our projects.  We aim to deeply understand our clients’ challenges and provide solutions that align with the goals and objectives of your organization. Our climate ready approach applies to a wide range of market sectors and includes individual assets as well as larger community or organizational initiatives. We are fully committed to guiding you on a confident path toward a greener and more resilient tomorrow.

Navigating Climate Action: Expert Guidance for Making a Meaningful Impact

Most organizations have made commitments to address the climate change emergency, but finding effective solutions can be daunting. The team at Morrison Hershfield will work with you to develop Climate Ready Solutions that are designed to meet your organizational commitments for addressing this global challenge. We have the tools and knowledge to take effective climate change action today.  Our team can help you find the opportunities to take climate action through the projects and services you deliver.

Balancing Innovation, Quality, and Long-Term Cost Effectiveness for Climate-Ready Solutions

Taking climate responsible approaches in designing projects can lead to better, more cost-effective solutions in the long run. By including climate change considerations early in a project’s evolution, we can deliver more robust and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our Climate Ready Solutions help you achieve your project goals and meet sustainability targets.

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Morrison Hershfield completed a Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Plan for the Summer Village of Ghost Lake, Alberta. The assessment focused on: Municipal Buildings & Services, Parks Greenspace & Recreation, Water, and Homes & People.

Summer Village of Ghost Lake

Morrison Hershfield partnered with Ministry of Transportation Ontario to develop one of the first comprehensive sets of standards for constructing and installing electric vehicle charging stations.

New Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Study for Yukon’s highway network, included understanding the type, distribution, and nature of geohazards along the highway network, particularly those affected by climate change like permafrost degradation, wildfire, flooding, landslides, avalanche, washouts and aufeis.

Highway Network Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Study

Our study of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Approaches for Environment and Climate Change Canada provides a clear framework to help interested parties assess WTE implementation.

Study of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Approaches

The Atlin Hydro Power opportunity is an Indigenous clean energy project that aims to materially reduce Yukon Territory’s reliance on diesel electric generation in winter.

Atlin Hydro Expansion

The LEED Gold HandyDART Centre in Victoria, BC has a goal to reduce GHG emissions for its transit services. The facility is designed to accommodate up to 110 electric vehicles and exceeds provincial and federal environmental protection standards.

HandyDART Centre