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Passive House

Architects, engineers and building owners face a new challenge in their projects: meeting the ever-increasing demands of building and energy codes.

Across North America, codes and regulations are moving toward net-zero energy for new construction. As a model for achieving ultra-low energy buildings, the Passive House Standard acts as the perfect “stepping stone” to provide a clear path to net-zero. Focusing on thermal comfort, air quality and durability, the Passive House approach optimizes the passive building systems to create sustainable, energy-efficient structures.

Our Passive House approach focuses on minimizing heat transfer by avoiding thermal bridging and increasing moisture control by preventing water intrusion and condensation. Our team’s expertise in Building Science, including the building envelopethermal analysisenclosure component modeling and energy modeling, makes Passive House a natural fit for Morrison Hershfield.

Our team includes Certified Passive House Consultants and Designers, with Passive House project experience across North America. Our industry-recognized research like the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide and the Guide to Low Thermal Energy Demand for Large Buildings both support Passive House design and contain a collection of design solutions and details to help multi-unit residential buildings meet net-zero ready and Passive House standards.

How we can help you:

With a holistic approach, our team integrates our expertise in Building EnvelopeFaçade EngineeringMass Timber, and Energy Modeling to meet your Passive House project’s performance goals.

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