Our Building Energy Optimization Tool

Our proprietary technology allows architects, engineers and developers to instantly see the impact of design decision on the building’s energy use – developed and customized for each individual project.


Whole Building Energy Simulations

We performed whole building energy simulations from early concept through design, resulting in the project exceeding energy performance targets and achieving LEED Gold certification. (90 Elgin – Ottawa, ON)


Thermal and Structural Analysis

Detailed thermal modeling of envelope components generates accurate U-values so energy modelers can deliver real-world results. Our analysis for manufacturers helps them optimize their cladding attachment systems for both structural and thermal performance.


Heat-Air-Moisture (HAM) Analysis

Using advanced software such as WUFI, we can perform HAM analysis to evaluate the long-term effects of building envelope assemblies getting wet and drying out (1D and 2D).


Energy Modelling and LEED Consulting Services

We developed a preliminary energy model during the pursuit phase of the project, and maintained and updated the model during the delivery phase to confirm energy goals were met as the design developed; the project achieved 17 LEED energy points. (Magna Hall - Seneca College King Campus Expansion, ON)


Building Performance Modeling & Analysis

Building Performance Modeling & Analysis

Complex buildings need design strategies based on reliable analysis and innovative ideas. Our dedicated team of building science specialists includes mechanical engineers, building envelope professionals, daylighting specialists as well as computational fluid dynamic and energy modelers.

Using cutting edge tools, we analyze how all building systems function together to achieve greater energy efficiency, improved durability and optimized performance. This integrated approach allows us to find what truly makes a difference for our clients.

Our Process

Whether we are analyzing one assembly or the whole building, we look to understand how changing one variable affects many systems. Working with manufacturers, we are helping them design the next evolution in product performance, correlating our results with real world testing.

First of its kind, our Morrison Hershfield-designed whole building performance mapping tool harnesses the power of thousands of iterations of the energy model. This is one of the many tools we use to help architects, design teams and owners instantly see the effects of changes to the building systems.

Our Expertise

  • 3D thermal & structural analysis
  • Air flow dynamics
  • Daylighting design
  • Whole building energy modeling
  • Heat, air, and moisture analysis
  • Monitoring and testing

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