Facade Engineering

We helped to create a bright, day-lit work space for every individual on this multi-building headquarters campus by providing facade engineering services. (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Seattle, WA)


Building Envelope and LEED Consulting

This award-winning facade incorporates a dramatic roof line, precast concrete sculptural envelope components, living wall and green roof. (Surrey City Hall – Surrey, BC)


Building Envelope Consulting

Temples and other religious buildings benefit from the expertise of building envelope consultants to prolong their life and durability. (LDS Temple – Payson, UT)


Building Envelope Rehabilitation

We helped this community by assessing the issues, designing the repairs and reviewing the quality of construction. (Lake Oswego Village – Portland, OR)


Field Review and Performance Testing

When you know you’ll be subjected to extreme weather, high performance design and quality assurance review are key. Our enhanced field review and performance testing helped the owner meet the operational goals. (Lynden Pindling Airport – Nassau, Bahamas)


Building Envelope Consulting

Building Envelope Consulting

Focused on the building envelope for more than 30 years, we collaborate with owners, architects, contractors and manufacturers to create high performance building enclosures that are durable and energy efficient.

The building envelope can often be one of the most expensive components of the project. It affects numerous other aspects of the building’s performance including energy usage, occupant comfort, durability, maintenance costs and mechanical equipment sizing. Having the right information to make early decisions and manage risk is critical.

Our Approach to Building Envelopes

We start with understanding our clients’ performance objectives. Our holistic approach to roofing, cladding, glazing and waterproofing enables us to offer solutions that consider all aspects of the envelope, as well as the interfaces between building systems. We help project teams prevent issues associated with water penetration, air leakage, vapor diffusion and thermal performance across all climate zones of North America.

Additional services like energy simulation, condensation risk analysis and R-value calculations help inform the design. Our field review, water penetration testing and whole building air leakage testing, help confirm the construction quality.

With our active involvement in R&D, our technical findings are integrated into codes and standards such as ASHRAE and LEED but also guide our recommendations as the design evolves. Our established ISO 9001 quality standards assure consistency in our technical approach from person-to-person and project-to-project, right across the continent.

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