When Envelopes Attack: Envelope Installation Horror Stories

Join Morrison Hershfield, Keller Engineering and the Paterson Group at Friday’s BECOR webinar to discuss how to prevent building envelope pitfalls related to installations, roofs, EIFS and more.

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We all wish to believe that all envelope projects run smoothly from the original design through to the end of construction, however, as many have experienced, this is not always the case. This webinar will feature three prominent engineering firms who will share with you some of the envelope horror stories they have encountered over the years.

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Justin Tudor, P.Eng.

Justin is the President and Senior Project Manager at Keller Engineering, a multi-discipline building science and envelope firm which has been providing tailored engineering investigatory and project management services with a focus on condominium restoration since 1982. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of building science and structural engineering. Justin has overseen and completed hundreds of reserve fund studies, building conditions assessments and technical audits, while leading building element investigation including odour transfers, cladding failures, water infiltration, concrete, masonry deterioration and membrane replacements.


David Kayll FMA, P.Eng.

David is a senior specialist, consulting to public and private organizations, building designers and contractors, on renovation and new construction for all building types. He has over 30 years experience in building science, often helping to fix dumb things done by others.


Maria Stakheiko

Maria is an Architectural Engineering student from the University of Waterloo, a new program which was designed to produce technically skilled engineers with an in-depth understanding of architectural building design. She is currently working with MH’s Building Science team in Ottawa for her fifth co-op placement and has found a passion in the field of building science. With the aim to finish off her degree with a well-rounded understanding of the whole building industry, she’s excited to learn from and take part in today’s session.


Steve Laviolette P.Eng

Steve is Paterson’s Senior Building Envelope Engineer and Director of the Building Sciences Division.  With Steve now approaching 35 years of service, he has amassed a wealth of experience with a wide variety of building envelope and clients; with services ranging from building assessments, performance investigations, rehab design/specs, site review and contract admin, and building envelope design consultations.