Waste to Energy Technologies

Landfilling costs are increasing and space is becoming scarce. The expense and feasibility of developing new landfills have become prohibitive. While the physical and financial limits of recycling are being tested, there are still substantial amounts of waste going for disposal. Waste to energy, especially new and emerging technologies, are increasingly being considered as a way of reducing reliance on landfills. How do these work? What can they achieve? How safe are they? And what do they cost?

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Konrad Fichtner, P.Eng.

Konrad has over 30 years’ experience in managing complex environmental projects focusing on waste management, environmental management and alternative energy. He is a recognized specialist in waste processing technologies, including energy-from-waste using conventional and conversion technologies, and organics management. His broad expertise includes environmental planning, recycling, waste combustion, air pollution control, composting, emerging technologies and waste transfer and disposal. Konrad’s international experience includes projects in Germany, the USA, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Singapore and Thailand.