Theory to Application: A Virtual Air Barrier / Dynamic Buffer Zone Application to a Large Office Building

The VAB/DBZ approach protects your heritage building envelope from higher moisture loads during renovation. Join this webinar to gain an understanding of the VAB/DBZ approach, through a case study of the C. W. Sherwood Co. Ltd. building in Saskatchewan.

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Historic buildings in Canada are often 100 years old or more. Some of these buildings continue to provide occupancy but the indoor conditions are often not up to modern expectations. To be acceptable these buildings need to support an adequate indoor temperature, relative humidity, indoor air quality as well as controlled building pressure. They are most often upgraded mechanically with new ventilation, heating cooling and winter humidification. These upgrades create new building envelope loads with risks of wall and roof condensation. These new loads can and do damage expensive restoration in very short order.

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George Torok, B.Tech., (Arch. Sci.), C.E.T., BSSO

George brings a unique breadth and depth of experience to every project, with over 30 years of experience in building enclosure design, construction, performance assessment, failure investigation and rehabilitation for public and private sector buildings of all types across North America. George is a member of MH’s Façade Engineering Team, working with building owners and design teams to achieve balanced, practical and innovative solutions, and providing peer support and mentoring within MH. His focus is fenestration technology, including low-rise residential windows, doors and skylights, high-rise residential window wall, commercial curtain wall and custom, one-of-a-kind glazed architectural structures.


Rick Quirouette (B. Arch.)

Rick is a senior building science specialist with almost four decades of experience in building science and technology with the Division of Building Research at the National Research Council Canada, Morrison Hershfield, and his own firm, Quirouette Building Specialists Ltd. Rick has authored many technical papers on building science and presented at numerous conferences in Canada and internationally. He is a life member of the Alberta Building Envelope Council (ABEC), a founding member of the Ontario Building Envelope Council (OBEC) and the Building Envelope Council Ottawa Region (BECOR), and a past-president of the National Building Envelope Council (NBEC).