The Case for Space: An Introduction to Flexible Aerogel Insulation

What do you do when you need a lot of insulation but you don’t have the space for it?

This presentation will introduce fiber reinforced aerogel blanket (FRAB) insulation technology, reviewing the key product characteristics including higher R-value / low U-factor than many conventional insulation materials, a unique ability to preserve thermal resistance under compression, and in some formulations, non-combustibility .  FRAB has over 15 years of successful installation performance history in buildings, including some projects in the Ottawa area.  The presentation will explore applications such as thermal bridging treatments, heritage retrofit, and use in space-challenged walls, floors and roofs.  Application methods and available design tools will be highlighted.

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George Torok, B.Tech., (Arch. Sci.), C.E.T., BSSO

George brings a unique breadth and depth of experience to every project, with over 30 years of experience in building enclosure design, construction, performance assessment, failure investigation and rehabilitation for public and private sector buildings of all types across North America. George is a member of MH’s Façade Engineering Team, working with building owners and design teams to achieve balanced, practical and innovative solutions, and providing peer support and mentoring within MH. His focus is fenestration technology, including low-rise residential windows, doors and skylights, high-rise residential window wall, commercial curtain wall and custom, one-of-a-kind glazed architectural structures.


Brian Cahill

Prior to joining the Aspen Aerogels in 2011, Brian Cahill was a customer responsible for introducing Aspen’s ‘Spaceloft’ aerogel blanket insulation into the building insulation portfolio of CRH Insulation Europe.  An early focus on thermal bridging treatments helped establish aerogel blanket as a versatile and simple to deploy tool for space-challenged applications in heritage and modern construction.  Brian supports Aspen’s global customer base, primarily the local distribution partners, supporting their development of aerogel blanket insulation solutions.  Solutions generally reflect the different needs of the construction stock and practices of their respective geographies.