Roof Maintenance, Repair

A poorly maintained roof is similar to a new car, without proper maintenance it can fail with little notice resulting in disruption of operations, loss of revenue, and unexpected capital expenditure. This presentation will discuss the general concept of roof maintenance beginning at the most critical stages of a roofs life – the design stage, through the roofs service life and will include visual, non-intrusive, and intrusive investigative techniques that, if properly undertaken will ensure the roof assembly meets or exceeds its designed service life.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the different variations of poorly maintained roofs.
  2. Understand different types of intrusive and non-intrusive diagnostic methods to roof maintenance.
  3. Learn the importance of preventative maintenance.
  4. Understand when to either repair or replace a roof on different types of buildings.

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Ted Katsoris

Ted has overseen over 800 projects and brings years of combined contracting and consulting experience to any project he undertakes. He has extensive experience in the field of Building Science and building envelope repair/rehabilitation, and contract administration. Formally trained in the field of Building Science and project management, Ted has undertaken a wide variety of projects, ranging from building envelope repairs, mechanical upgrades, and asbestos removal to the redesign of large landscape areas. His primary role at Morrison Hershfield is that of client management, project planning, team management, project co-ordination, and quality control. Ted is also responsible for mentorship of junior engineers and technicians.