Open Joint Rainscreen Cladding

Recent years have seen an increased trend towards rainscreen cladding system for the benefits they offer in terms of rain water management.  These systems typically consist of an exterior cladding, a drainage cavity and a back-up weather resistive barrier.

Traditionally in rainscreen cladding designs the joints in the exterior cladding are sealed to minimize the potential for water intrusion into the drainage cavity with the exceptions of weeps and pressure equalization vents which are generally sheltered from water ingress.  However recent trends in the design of exterior claddings have seen an increased use of open joint rainscreen cladding systems. In these systems the joints between the cladding elements are intentionally left open.

This webinar will discuss the implications of open joints for the performance of rainscreen systems.  Various approaches to the design of open joint rainscreen cladding systems will be reviewed and case studies demonstrating their construction will be presented.

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Stéphane Hoffman, M. Arch., M. Eng., PE

With Master’s studies that combines structural engineering, building science and architecture, Stéphane brings a well-balanced consulting approach to the building envelope; blending scientific analysis with an understanding of aesthetic considerations. He is particularly adept at providing innovative design concepts and construction alternatives that improve durability and increase energy efficiency. As a key technical leader, Stéphane has worked on projects throughout North America and is often called upon to troubleshoot and help resolve issues on both new and existing buildings.