Net Zero for Data Centers: Opportunities and Challenges

Is net-zero for data centers really possible? Where do we start?

Event Information

This webinar will examine realistic opportunities for implementing net-zero designs in data centers and analyze the limitations and challenges.  Join a panel of data center industry experts with a range of different perspectives as they weigh in on the practical and sustainable design opportunities, current and future trends and the achievable first steps toward moving to a future where facilities have net-zero carbon emissions.

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Mirko Djordjevic – EllisDon

Mirko is a leader in sustainability, building performance and energy efficiency. He uses his extensive knowledge and understanding of building systems design and operations to optimize building performance and drive efficiencies for clients in the P3 and corporate real estate industries, dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reduce overall long-term cost of ownership.


Shaunak Pandit – Morrison Hershfield

Shaunak is a principal with over 28 years of experience designing and evaluating mechanical systems for critical facilities. His wide spectrum of work experiences has allowed him exposure to emerging trends in process and design technologies, and an opportunity to adapt and integrate these technologies into solutions spanning different industry sectors.


Ed Vigor – Deerns UK

Ed is a Chartered Engineer with over 36 years’ experience within the building services industry. Ed started his career as an apprentice pipe fitter welder and worked his way through all areas of the industry to reach the level of a professional engineer with responsibilities in management, supervision and design of building services projects in the mission critical sector.