Heritage Restorations Improving Energy Efficiency

The envelope is more than windows and doors. How can we improve the performance of heritage building envelopes, while respecting building science and preservation guidelines? Explore how to improve the insulation of heritage building restorations while respecting the historic nature of the facility and helping to meet low energy and carbon neutral targets.

Learning objectives:

1. Understand risk issues with improving energy efficiency in heritage building envelopes.
2. Understand how to analyze freeze-thaw risks quantitatively.
3. Understand heritage envelope energy improvement methodologies.
4. Understand how to use advanced modeling techniques to quantify opportunities and risks.
5. Understand options for glazing system improvements.

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David Kayll, FMA, P.Eng.

David is a senior engineering specialist, consulting to public and private organizations, building designers and contractors, for renovation and new construction. He is involved in energy and building envelope projects from Texas to Manitoba to Eastern Canada. David has worked in the various aspects of the industry from R&D to practical solutions in the field.