Golden Ears Way Bridge Deck Rebar Assessment During DBFM Period

Golden Ears Way Bridge required an assessment to check for indications of corrosion activity during the DBFM project’s 30-year concession period. Modern, non-destructive evaluation methods were used to assess the corrosion potential of the bridge deck rebar and determine any remedial maintenance required to reduce overall operation costs.

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A deck rebar condition survey was completed on the structures at Golden Ears Way, comprised of 12 separate bridge structures totalling 95,000 square metres of deck area. The project was undertaken at the ten-year service life milestone to assess for indications of corrosion activity as part of the inspection and monitoring of the structures during the DBFM project’s 30 year concession period. A modern, non-destructive evaluation method was used in localized deck regions to assess the corrosion potential and rate of the bridge deck rebar. This approach provided a cost-effective method of assessing the bridge decks and determine if any remedial maintenance interventions are required to reduce overall operations costs.

This session was initially presented at the 2020 TAC Conference.

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Troy Hengen, Structural Project Manager

Troy Hengen is a Structural Project Manager and Bridge Engineer who specializes in bridge inspections and evaluations. Troy recently joined the Winnipeg office after gaining 13 years of bridge engineering experience with Manitoba Infrastructure. Troy has worked on a wide variety of bridge structure inspections (including flood response inspections and bridge impact accident inspections), construction projects, preliminary and detailed design projects, and bridge load rating evaluations. As a result, he has gained excellent experience in all levels of bridge structural inspections, including annual general visual inspections, detailed visual inspections and detailed condition surveys, as well as contract administration and construction inspection, resident engineering, and design project management.