GIS-Based School Transportation Model for Swing Site

The temporary relocation of the largest high school in Vancouver involved a study to determine how students’ travel times would be affected. This webinar explores how a GIS-based analytical model was applied to identify transportation options for the community.

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The Vancouver School Board has been fast-tracking seismic upgrades or replacements as part of the Seismic Mitigation program which improves the safety of schools in preparation for an earthquake. Project upgrades and replacements often require temporary accommodation of students to off site swing facilities. The temporary relocation of the largest high school in Vancouver involved a study to determine how students travel times would be affected. Transportation options for parents, students and staff were considered using a GIS-based analytical model to estimate the number of students mode of transportation, proximity to transit and estimated travel times. The results help to estimate potential demand for school bus shuttling.

This session was initially presented at the 2020 TAC Conference.

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Andres Baez, Transportation Planning Engineer

Andres is a well-rounded transportation consultant known for his balanced approach to engineering, planning and context-sensitive design solutions. Over his 14 years of experience, Andres has demonstrated a keen eye for the intricacies of planning and engineering multimodal transportation systems in the context of complex urban environments. His public and private sector experience affords him a practical view for transportation solutions within municipal development frameworks.  He brings an invaluable vantage point to our transportation planning team from his early years of international work Latin America and progressive career in Canada. His experience spans across various areas including multi-modal transportation planning and engineering, functional design, traffic and parking impact studies, road safety, school transportation planning, transit planning and roadway functional design.