Navigating Consultation Programs for Rail Developments in Canada

Designing a consultation program under a Federal or Provincial EA process can be an overwhelming undertaking for any transit agency. Early and meaningful engagement provides greater opportunities for developing plans that avoid impacts to community interests and are more responsive to the broader interests and values of surrounding communities.

Our panel of industry professionals discuss the similarities and nuances between Federal and Provincial processes and what you need to consider when designing a consultation program under and EA process for a rail development project.

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David Brutto, Senior Project Manager – Transit Expansion, City of Toronto

David is a dynamic leader in sustainable transportation project development and implementation, having played a range of roles within the private sector and government. David is currently guiding the City of Toronto through a paradigm shift in mobility, including the implementation of multi-billion dollar transit projects in differing stages of the project lifecycle.


Joshua Engel-Yan, Program Sponsor – Subways Program, Metrolinx

Josh is a Program Sponsor in the Subways Program at Metrolinx where he is championing the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension. His role is to set the project requirements, secure the funding and ensure that planned project benefits are delivered as outcomes through the project’s lifecycle.

Josh is an award-winning transportation leader, specializing in evidence-based transport planning. He oversaw the development of the business case for Metrolinx’s $15+B GO Expansion program, which was fully endorsed by the Metrolinx Board.


Kelly Roberts, Senior Environmental Planner/ Team Lead, Morrison Hershfield

Kelly has over 25 years’ experience as an environmental consultant. She has participated in the coordination, management, and preparation of over 120 environmental assessments for the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. These projects have incorporated various forms of public consultation.

Kelly has worked with large multi-disciplinary teams for all types of infrastructure including roads, bridges, transit, water treatment plants and distribution systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, and buildings. She has developed a strong understanding of environmental approval processes having been involved in the implementation of numerous projects from planning through to design and construction.

Her work with sustainable infrastructure projects and integrated planning has enabled a strong understanding of the inter-relationships of infrastructure and valued ecosystem components.


Marc Rose (Facilitator) – Vice President, Business Development – Environmental, Morrison Hershfield

Marc started his career as an Environmental Planner in 1999 and now has over two decades of comprehensive experience with the private and public sectors across Canada. He has worked on numerous environmental assessments in various sectors including energy, transportation, water and wastewater, nuclear waste management and site remediation.

Marc has experience managing multidisciplinary teams and facilitating and resolving multi-stakeholder conflicts for controversial projects. He has developed and implemented in-depth public consultation and communication strategies for projects in Ontario and across Canada. Marc has also carried out socio-economic and land use impact assessments.