Building Envelope & NECB

Alberta will soon be moving to an updated version of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) for energy code requirements. In order to prepare for this next phase in energy codes, the webinar will bring the knowledge from the City of Edmonton past learning and what need to be addressed in the new energy code. We will outline changes of the code with respect to building envelope, and provide insight into methods of compliance with the code.

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Julien St-Pierre

Julien St. Pierre, P. Eng

Julien’s experience includes managing the design of the building envelope, for both new construction and rehabilitation projects, from conceptual design through to addressing construction issues. He also specializes in diagnostic analysis of building envelope issues. He is engaged in focusing on envelope performance to improve overall energy efficiency of new buildings and rehabilitation projects. Julien prides himself on being a team player, focusing on providing solutions to meet the requirements of a broad range of stakeholders, balancing performance requirements, architectural aesthetic, constructability and cost sensitivity.