A Helping Hand for the Mount McIntyre Bailey Bridge

The City of Whitehorse was maintaining a 24 m Bailey-style truss bridge for the Cross Country Ski Club Tenants with a relatively low, 4 m clearance. In 2017, the bridge was struck by a truck and required an inspection, assessment, interim recommendations and a rehabilitation design. The bridge was on track to be repaired when prior to the rehabilitation, the bridge was struck for a second time, resulting in comprehensive damage. A solution was required to rehabilitate several damaged aspects of the bridge on a fast-track program that would have it completed in time for the Arctic Winter Games. With added challenges such as the age of the bridge, maintenance requirements, and cold weather considerations, innovative solutions had to be applied to satisfy deadlines, safety and insurance requirements.

This session was initially presented at the 2020 TAC Conference.

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Ryan O’Donovan, Bridge Designer