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First Nations Major Projects Coalition Fourth Annual Industry Engagement Event, the Indigenous Sustainable Investment Conference


The First Nations Major Projects Coalition’s (FNMPC’s) fourth annual industry engagement event, the Indigenous Sustainable Investment Conference, will be a virtual two-day affair, bringing together Indigenous communities with the government and project finance sectors for focused discussions on:

  • how to move projects forward with full Indigenous involvement.
  • the impact and opportunity of climate change and Indigenous communities.
  • equity ownership by Indigenous communities in major projects.
  • incorporating Indigenous interests into environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) principles and strategies.

The conference will be co-hosted by Jean Paul (JP) Gladu, president of A2A Rail Canada and former president and CEO of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB),  and Mark Podlasly, director of economic policy for FNMPC and chair of First Nations Partnership (Pipelines).

Conference Sponsor and Virtual Booth Host

We’re pleased to help support and to be a sponsor for this event! Stop by our virtual booth to find out more about how a partnership with Morrison Hershfield can provide value to your projects from planning, to funding, design and construction administration, to ensure your projects are successful, sustainable and something your community can truly be proud of.

Visit our landing page HERE for more info about some of the projects we have worked on with Indigenous communities across Canada.







SWANA Evergreen Chapter Virtual Technical Session – Waste Solutions and Recycling in the Northwest


SWANA Washington Evergreen Chapter is hosting a technical training session on February 17th on the theme of Waste Solutions and Recycling in the Northwest. The technical session aims to provide learning opportunities on effective and environmentally responsive solid waste and recycling practices. Register here.

The Power of Three: Learning from Recycling Challenges Faced by Three Northwestern Local Governments
Wednesday, February 17 @ 12:00 – 12:25 p.m. PST

Many areas in British Columbia are facing challenges providing recycling options for rural populations. In this presentation, Morrison Hershfield draws on experience from three different communities that have all experienced challenges with their proximity to recycling markets and lack of access to stewardship programs. It highlights the trials and tribulations of recycling in Northwest Canada after the China Sword restrictions, and provides insights to potential solutions.

First, we will highlight some of the key challenges both financially and operationally with managing today’s recyclables by providing examples of what has worked and what hasn’t. In particular, we’ll highlight how stewardship programs have either enabled or hindered the progress. We will also highlight alternative local solutions that seek to become less vulnerable to fluctuating recycling markets.
Local governments in remote areas often have many similarities and can learn from each other on the best ways to optimize management of recyclables and achieve maximum environmental benefits without becoming a financial burden.

Presented by: Veronica Bartlett, Solid Waste Planner for Morrison Hershfield and Laura Zapotichny, Regional District Fraser-Fort George



WMABC 8th Annual Conference & AGM


Waste diversion in multi-family buildings is a major struggle for many cities. Join Veronica Bartlett, Solid Waste Planner, at this year’s WMABC Annual Conference. Veronica will be joining her peers during session three to discuss IC&I Diversion with a focus on key challenges and insights with waste diversion in multi family buildings.

9:50 am – 10:50pm

Session Three: IC&I Diversion

IC&I waste diversion is diverse with waste coming from construction, demolition, land clearing activities, and the commercial & institutional and multi-family residential sectors. In this session  the challenges and opportunities to increase diversion in the IC&I sector will be covered.


Raman Johal, London Drugs
Jason Block, Peter Kiewit Sons ULC.
Veronica Bartlett, Morrison Hershfield

Recycling & Zero Waste Working Forum – Territory Wide Working Forum


The Yukon Territory is working towards reducing waste materials in our landfills and achieving Zero Waste goals. Morrison Hershfield’s own Forest Pearson, Senior Geological Engineer, will be joining other panelists to discuss landfill risks, and Veronica Bartlett, Solid Waste Planner, will discuss Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) during the Territory Wide Working Forum. The Recycling and Zero Waste Forum provides the opportunity to address solid waste issues within our communities, and the opportunity to learn and share. The forum is organized by the community initiative Zero Waste Yukon with over 20 Stakeholder organizations.
Click HERE to register.

How do we do Our Part?

FUN FACT: The Morrison Hershfield Whitehorse office is a “Zero Waste Office” that produces virtually no garbage. Other than the bathroom, there are no garbage cans in the office!

About Zero Waste Yukon:

Zero Waste Yukon is a not for profit organization created to increase awareness and action in Yukon communities around consumption and disposal of resources. Since 2014, Zero Waste Yukon has been working to inspire change through public education and engagement, events, and support of Zero Waste initiatives in the Yukon Territory. This group of passionate stakeholders from a broad representation of organizations across the Yukon, come together to help achieve Zero Waste in the Yukon.

What is Zero Waste:

Zero Waste approaches aim to reduce and ultimately eliminate garbage. To learn more about Zero Waste, click HERE.

BCWWA 2017 Yukon Water & Wastewater Conference & Tradeshow


BC Water & Waste Association (BCWWA) is hosting a two-day conference to provide water professionals the opportunity to network and discuss solutions to unique issues the northern water community faces. This year’s conference will be held in Whitehorse, YT, at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre. Join our water and waste professionals to learn, share and network during the conference. We are pleased to support three colleagues who will be speaking on their experience with northern community projects.

Waste Management Planning and Infrastructure for Remote Communities 
Nathalie Maurer – Intermediate Environmental Engineer

Waste management in remote communities relies on landfills which are often poorly managed resulting in environmental concerns. Properly managing very small waste landfills can be cost prohibitive and usually does not provide the communities an opportunity to recycle. Learn how two communities improved upon current waste management systems with the most appropriate waste management infrastructure which included a transfer station for the community of Good Hope Lake and a recycling trailer for Lower Post.

Nathalie Maurer has over 8 years of experience in landfill engineering and waste management. Recently she has been gaining experience in recycling, organics management and alternatives to traditional landfilling methods. She completed the waste management analysis for both communities (Lower Post and Good Hope Lake), and she is the assistant project manager of the design and construction for the Good Hope Lake Transfer Station. She works closely with MH’s office in Whitehorse and has provided some operations advice and closure planning for small remote landfills in the Yukon.

The Cost of Water – How it can be Used as a Tool to Make Decisions
Adam Greenwood – Water Resource Engineer

Maintaining access to clean drinking water remains a high priority for all communities in Yukon which is reflected in the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan’s goal of providing water for people. One of the action items identified in the Water Strategy is to complete a baseline data review of the water use and cost of providing water throughout Yukon. The findings of this task reveal that the cost and water usage varies substantially across the Yukon. This information may be used to understand further where the costs of providing water originate. In this presentation, learn how the findings of this assessment can be used as a tool to maintain this essential service.

Adam has worked with various small to midsized communities in Yukon, BC and Alberta for the past 10 years on water-related projects. Municipal finance and helping communities manage their water infrastructure through the various cost recovery mechanisms is one of Adam’s main interests. Adam has worked with the Yukon Government over the past year to complete a territory-wide assessment of water cost and usage and is helping to develop a strategy on how this information may be used to create more sustainable water systems.

City of Whitehorse Water Source – Building and Protecting a Safe, Sustainable Water Source
Forest Pearson – Senior Geological Engineer

Over the past decade, the City of Whitehorse has moved to a fully groundwater supplied municipal water supply.  Whitehorse is fortunate to have a unique, high-yield, high-quality water supply aquifer within a portion of the City.  The utilization of this resource provides a safer, lower-cost water supply, ultimately resulting in a more sustainable water system.  This talk will first cover the history exploration and development of this water supply, which has occurred over the past 20 years, followed by the next steps,  protecting this valuable resource.  The City will share its work on the development, and more importantly, the ongoing implementation of its source water protection plan.

Forest has been project manager for many large projects, high profile planning projects in the Yukon such as renewable energy projects, transmission lines, water and wastewater planning, groundwater supply and flood management. He has provided technical expertise in hydropower assessments, environmental site assessments, environmental assessment and permitting, solid waste management, contaminant hydrogeology, groundwater supply, terrain analysis, and geographic information systems (GIS).

GeoOttawa 2017 – Ottawa, ON


Morrison Hershfield is proud to support three of our colleague presenting at this year’s Canadian geotechnical and hydrogeological practitioners conference. The conference will be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada from Sunday, October 1 to Wednesday, October 4, 2017. The theme for GeoOttawa 2017 is “70 Years of Canadian Geotechnics and Geoscience”. Join Morrison Hershfield in our sessions during the conference. Our topics will be presented by Mitchell Dawley, Curtis Edgington and Adel Chowdhury, and are co-written by our Geo-Environmental Practice Leader, Anthony (Ant) West, Pd.D., P.Eng.

Naturally Occurring Metals in Fine-Grained Champlain Sea Deposits, Ottawa
Wednesday Oct. 4th, 2017 – 13:45 – 15:15 – Canada Hall 2
Mitchell Dawley, B.Eng., E.I.T.

As part of the Stage 2 Ottawa Light Rail Transit subsurface investigation, drilling and environmental soil sampling occurred within the fine-grained Champlain Sea deposits located throughout the Ottawa Region. Join Mitchell as he discusses the naturally elevated metal concentrations that were measured in these deposits and how these findings related to excess material management practices throughout Ottawa and much of Eastern Ontario.

The Use of On-Line Document Sharing Tools for Management of Impacted Materials on a Highly Complex Construction Project
Wednesday Oct. 4th, 2017 – 13:45 – 15:15 – Canada Hall 2
Curtis Edgington, B.A.Sc., E.I.T.

Traditionally, environmental practitioners have played a supporting or reactive role in multi-disciplinary construction projects. As the Ontario legislation governing excess soil management evolves it is becoming clear that environmental expertise needs to become closely integrated into the design and construction phases of large projects. Join Curtis to learn how the environmental discipline is being fully integrated into the design-build construction process.

The Well Survey – a Simple but Effective Tool for Hydrogeology Studies
Monday & Tuesday Poster Display in the Exhibition Hall
Adel Chowdhury, B.Eng., E.I.T.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the value that a well survey provides as a tool in achieving project objectives. We reviewed the files of 51 projects involving hydrogeology studies to understand how the well survey, if conducted, influenced the outcome of the project. Visit Adel during the poster sessions to learn the results of the assessment.