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RCI SoCal 17th Hawaii Winter Workshop: Insulated Metal Panels – Design and Construction Challenges


Harold Louwerse, Building Science Consultant, will be presenting Insulated Metal Panels – Design and Construction Challenges: Tales from the field and how to improve your next design using IMP at this year’s annual RCI SoCal chapter Hawaii Winter Workshop in Honolulu.

Exterior insulated assemblies are growing in popularity and Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) are chosen by Owners, Architects and Engineers as an attractive, cost effective, all-in-one envelope solution (moisture barrier, air barrier, cladding and insulation) or simply as a cladding and insulation over a separate moisture barrier. Designing buildings with IMP’s pose many challenges. This includes how IMP’s interface with other building envelope assemblies as well as the installation challenges to achieve the desired airtight and thermally efficient building envelope. What is easily drawn on paper can pose some serious challenges in the field

The presentation will cover and provide the following:

  • An explanation behind the basic building science principles behind IMP systems on the market today.
  • The presenter will explore various types of projects these systems have been used on and a review of typical building envelope and architectural detailing for these IMP systems. A review of several details showing typical construction of IMP systems and installation methods including cut joints, interlocking shaped joints, and termination details.
  • A review of several common challenges of the system including structural backup tolerances and structural material selection (Steel Frame vs. Concrete vs. Steel Stud)
  • Explore the challenges of maintaining the system’s thermal performance at openings, base of wall and penetrations and we will explore what can be done to minimize the effects of thermal bridging through this assembly.
  • A review of several case studies and project challenges of using an IMP system. Attendees will gain valuable first-hand knowledge from the presenter on dealing with challenges and offer up solutions that can be implemented in the design stage so you do not have to deal with them in the field.
  • A review of common post construction problems, including impact damage and repair options and methods.

BUILDEX Calgary: Endurance of Good Design – A LEED Building after 10 Years


Yichao Chen, Building Energy Consultant, and Kalum Galle, Senior Sustainability Specialist, will be jointly presenting Endurance of Good Design: A LEED Building after 10 Years at this year’s BUILDEX Calgary Conference. Their presentation will take place on Thursday, November 10th from 12 pm to 1 pm in Palomino D.

As one of the early LEED certified projects undertaken by the City of Calgary under the then newly implemented Sustainable Building Policy, the Crowfoot Library appears to have withstood the test of time.

After 15 years of continuous use, the library was the recipient of an extensive energy audit and facility condition assessment undertaken by Morrison Hershfield. Initially designed with the use of natural day lighting in mind, the building was performing 30% better than then 2004 ASHRAE standard at the time of design. With system upgrades over the operational years and various retrofits to satisfy user-group demands, this building still performs better than its non-LEED certified peers.

This presentation will break down the energy uses, analyze performance characteristics, and discuss past and future energy efficiency measures. Presenters will benchmark these results against similar building types to gain a better regional understanding of how LEED Certified buildings perform over time, highlighting what needs to be done to keep the initial capital investment effective over time.

OBEC Roofing Seminar & AGM: ETFE Roofing & Understanding Thermal Bridging in Standing Seam Roofs


Lee Durston, Senior Building Science Consultant, and Steve Murray, Director, will be presenting two sessions at this year’s Ontario Building Envelope Council Roofing Seminar & Annual General Meeting.

Lee Durston will present ETFE Roofing: Current Case Studies. This session will review multiple case studies of ETFE roofing installations, presenting important lessons learned and discuss both the limitations and benefits of the material.

Steve Murray will present How Effective is Your Roof Insulation? Understanding Thermal Bridging in Standing Seam Roofs. This session will present how the thermal performance of standing seam roofs can be heavily impacted by the connection details, as well as explain how manufacturers are taking advantage of advanced modeling tools to develop new connection systems to improve performance and give designers new options to improve building energy efficiency.

AANB 2016 Industry Trade Show: Hidden Underperformers – Analyzing for Thermal Bridges in Building Envelope Design


David Kayll, Building Science Specialist, and Dave Noel, Building Science Engineer, will be presenting on the recently published Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide, which promotes energy-efficiency in buildings by addressing the often ignored issue of thermal bridging in building envelope design. The Guide is quickly becoming a useful reference for local jurisdictions, regulatory bodies, utilities and designers in determining the thermal performance of building envelope assemblies. This presentation will provide an overview of how the Building Envelope Thermal Analysis (BETA) Guide can be used to effectively account for thermal bridging, and develop a more accurate understanding of the overall effective thermal performance of a building design.  The effective thermal resistance of enclosure assemblies is essential information in evaluating building envelope thermal performance, for use in energy modeling, and to document performance and compliance for NECB code, ASHRAE 90.1, and LEED or other rating purposes.  Insights from project team members relating to current design practice and next steps will also be shared.