Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Our team provided an updated solid waste management plan for the Regional District of Central Okanagan, which included a detailed 5, 10 and 15-year implementation schedule and outlined the financial implications of proposed programs. Issues that were considered included establishing long-term residual disposal capacity at Glenmore Landfill, increasing diversion rates, identifying needs for education and promotional programs and service level modifications, determining solid waste system financing. (Regional District of Central Okanagan, BC)


Good Hope Lake Waste Management Plan & Transfer Station Design

Our team reviewed the community’s waste haul and disposal options and costs and developed a waste management plan for the community of Dease River First Nation in northern B.C. We were able to identify the most suitable and cost-effective option for managing municipal solid waste and recyclables for the community. Subsequently MH designed a new transfer station and provided construction inspections. (Dease River First Nation)


City of Wetaskiwin Solid Waste Management Plan & Landfill Development Plan

A Solid Waste Management Master Plan was prepared to help the City establish a strategic direction and planning framework for solid waste management. As part of this work, our team developed a new Landfill Development Plan to guide landfilling activities over the next 20 years. Plan development involved assessing the environmental monitoring network and leachate collection systems, developing an airspace optimization scenario, and preparing of cost-effective, performance-based designs for landfill closure and post-closure. (Wetaskiwin, AB)


Waste Management Plans

Long term waste management plans allow local governments to plan for a sustainable future, move toward specific goals such as zero waste and understand the financial requirements for achieving those goals. Our team assists with the development of waste management plans that are tailored for each unique region’s goals and objectives. Our team finds suitable local solutions that typically emphasize waste reduction and diversion initiatives over resource recovery and landfilling. Our team supports local governments with planning for concrete actions towards zero waste that will improve waste management systems improve circularity of resources and move towards achieving ambitious but realistic waste disposal and diversion targets.

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