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Transit Facilities

As transit systems age and grow, authority’s and their stakeholders look to increase maintenance and storage capacity for new and existing vehicles. Improvements may also be needed to enhance the efficiency of maintenance and operations, support fleet resiliency, and to future proof assets to meet various mobility and sustainability goals and objectives.

The design process often presents demanding challenges to ensure the physical and cultural aspects are planned to suit the facilities operating style, to accommodate efficient functionality of all required operations and to achieve the right balance between sustainability and resiliency that is most effective to that unique facility.

Our multi-disciplinary team develops tailored design approaches for each facility based on their unique goals, needs, wants, and budget. We translate complex user requirements through visioning, planning, design development, and construction.

We work closely with owners of all sizes, builders, facility managers and operators to ensure project requirements are effectively implemented and that specific maintenance activities can be performed efficiently and safely over the entire life cycle of the facility.

Make us your first call for innovative and cost-effective design solutions for transit facilities that increase functionality, boost productivity, enhance safety, and incorporate sustainable features which promote employee health and wellness and benefit the surrounding community.

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