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Critical Facilities Operations Consulting Services

Our operations consulting services team assists the owner in optimizing the functionality of an operating facility. We offer a variety of services to assist you in maximizing uptime and energy savings. These include the change control process, emergency and standard operating procedure creation, failure investigation and root cause analysis, and training. We want to be your first call in the event of an emergency, and we will respond immediately regardless of the time or location.

  • Change Control Process Development
  • Emergency Operating Procedures/Development and Review
  • Emergency Response
  • Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Operational Review
  • Methods of Procedures
  • Critical Work Authorization Review
  • Maintenance Records Review
  • Performance Metrics Assessment
  • Short Circuit, Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures/Development and Review
  • Training
  • Witnessing of Critical Work
  • Vendor Contract Management

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