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RCI Building Envelope Technology Symposium: Presenting 3 Sessions

October 17, 2016 - October 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Morrison Hershfield will be presenting three separate sessions at this year’s RCI Building Envelope Technology Symposium. Topics include: A Case History of ETFE on Today’s Projects, Upgrading the performance of Heritage Windows to suit Modern Design Considerations, and Design Considerations for Renewing Podium Waterproofing. All of the below sessions will be held on Tuesday, October 18th.

Lee Durston, Senior Building Science Consultant, and Shawn Robinson, Department Manager & Building Science Consultant, will be jointly presenting A Case History of ETFE on Today’s Projects.

The fluorocarbon-based polymer ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is quickly gaining popularity in North America and is being used on some of the continent’s most prominent projects.  Through a review of multiple case studies of ETFE installations, the speakers will review important lessons learned and discuss the limitations and benefits of this material.

Key Points or Objectives:

  • Understand the basic anatomy of an ETFE system.
  • Understand the hygrothermal performance and condensation resistance of an ETFE system.
  • Understand the major questions to ask when including an ETFE system in design of a new project.
  • Understand the major milestones of the design/construction review of an ETFE system.

Scott Tomlinson, Building Science Specialist, will be presenting Upgrading the Performance of Heritage Windows to Suit Modern Design Conditions.

Heritage buildings provide important historical, cultural and social cornerstones for people. To continue these valuable functions, heritage buildings are often repurposed and modified to suit modern needs and requirements.  As building science practitioners, we are called upon to assist the design team in “making the envelope work” without compromising the building’s heritage-defining characteristics.  This presenter will discuss strategies and concepts for heritage window upgrades in cold-weather climates, and demonstrate how hygrothermal field monitoring can be used to validate the design concept. Specific case studies will be referenced.

Key Points or Objectives:

  • Discover how hygrothermal field monitoring can be used to evaluate and quantify the performance of heritage windows.
  • Understand key cold weather climate building envelope issues to consider when using heritage windows in modern interior design conditions.
  • Learn how hygrothermal field monitoring can be used to validate a design concept related to the performance of the upgraded heritage windows.
  • Know strategies and concepts for dealing with similar heritage window upgrades in a cold-weather climate.

Bereket Alazar, Building Science Consultant, and Stéphane Hoffman, Vice President Facade Engineering, will be jointly presenting Design Considerations for Renewing Podium Waterproofing.

Landscaping systems over suspended podium slabs are becoming more common as housing density intensifies and communities endeavor to increase their green spaces. These landscaped podiums often feature difficult-to-access spaces covered with heavy and complex landscaping elements. During this presentation, the speakers will discuss design decisions for landscaped and waterproofing assemblies installed over main building structures and the cost and complexities of future waterproofing renewal.  The authors will use specific examples to clearly illustrate the need to coordinate efforts between different disciplines to best meet municipality development requirements.

Key Points or Objectives:

  • Elaborate on the implications of design decisions for landscaped assemblies installed over building structures with emphasis on cost and complexity of future waterproofing renewal.
  • Convey lessons learned to illuminate podium waterproofing design decisions using case studies from ongoing or completed projects.
  • Address durable waterproofing assembly designs for plaza decks considering maintenance and repair access allowances in these designs.
  • Convey the importance of a coordinated approach between different consultants today in designing for waterproofing renewal projects for tomorrow.


October 17, 2016
October 18, 2016
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