Infrared Thermography for Quantitative Thermal Performance Assessment of Wood-Framed Building Envelopes in Canada

Quantifying building envelope thermal performance is an important step in identifying retrofit opportunities in existing buildings. This research aims to provide some insights into how quantitative IRT can evaluate thermal performance of woodframed wall assemblies in Canada in the context of local construction practices and building codes. This paper will guide you through four steps including:

  1. Background – overview of recent applied methodologies in the evaluation of building envelopes using IRT.
  2. Methodology – explanation of how the wall assemblies of a simple one-zone structure were assessed, outlines data collection procedures, followed by the development of a dynamic whole-building energy model of the structure to examine the feasibility of using external IRT in calibrating energy simulation models.
  3. Results – summary of findings from the IRT measurement and the calibration of the simulated model.
  4. Conclusion – highlights the major contribution of this research and potential next steps in refining the techniques herein for utilization by practitioners.

Authors: Milad Mahmoodzadeh, Voytek Gretka, Ivan Lee, Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya

Date Published: 2022

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