Holistic Approach to Achieving Low Energy Multi-unit Residential Buildings

As codes and standards evolve towards low- or net-zero energy buildings, the practicality of achieving these targets in high-rise concrete construction gets increasingly challenging. Highrise residential buildings are becoming more common as cities redevelop and add density.

Current design and construction practice for high-rise MURBs presents a number of constraints with regards to achieving high levels of energy performance. These practice issues typically include:

  • The desire to maximize glass to enhance marketability, daylight, and views.
  • The desire to provide access to the outdoors via extended balconies.
  • The need for Code-mandated non-combustibility and life safety requirements.
  • A preference for building systems that minimize exterior construction access and streamlines construction sequencing.
  • The adoption of increased structural load requirements.
  • The drive to minimize initial capital costs.

Author: Patrick Roppel, Christian Cianfrone, Dieter Hardock

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