Heritage Property Condition Assessment

Heritage buildings require a unique approach. We successfully guide our clients in the restoration, renovation, or conversion of historic properties. (Ermatinger Old Stone House – Sault Ste. Marie, ON)


Capital Renewals Planning

For this commercial office building, we performed frost point testing and Infrared thermographic scanning. This led to meaningful recommendations and decisions based on better information. (Vancity Centre, Vancouver, BC)


Civic Facility Condition Assessment

We completed assessments of the mechanical, electrical, life safety, building envelope and structural systems for this sports arena as part of a large, diverse portfolio of civic facilities. (Essar Centre – Sault Ste. Marie, ON)


Reserve Study

Reserve studies help homeowners associations evaluate their assets and plan for the future of their community. We completed an initial study and a 5-year update for this 16-unit building. (615 East Pike Condominiums – Seattle, WA)


Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Whether it be large corporations with multiple properties, or individual condominium (strata) corporations or housing co-operatives, we provide clients with guidance and good technical information that is necessary for prudent financial planning to support long-term term strategic decisions as well as short-term operational decisions.

Our relevant, credible practical reports help ensure that funding requirements are adequately identified and managed in a manner that produces the most effective results.

Our Recommendations

Our recommendations assist our clients with making financial plans to manage, conserve, and improve their building property assets and to maintain the property in an efficient, functional and structurally sound condition. We ensure consistency in assessments across large and diverse portfolios to assist our clients in making well-informed decisions.

Effective presentation and organization of the capital plans, including depreciation reports/reserve fund studies, are just as important as the technical content. Reports provided by Morrison Hershfield consider a client’s available resources, and are comprehensive, yet concise, and easy to navigate.

We are also experienced in working with various software applications, and have assisted clients in establishing condition assessment methodologies and parameters so they can customize the capital planning solution for their organization.

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