Completely Connected Systems

We provide design solutions for safe, fast, and reliable BRT systems that ensure communities can travel from A to B and connect to other transit systems without overloading local roads, contributing to traffic congestion. (Bus Rapid Transit System design, York Region, ON.)


Solution-Based Approach

We understand that streetcar systems need to be tailored to fit specific blends of political agendas, environmental sensitivities and needs within your community. Our expertise includes multi-disciplinary design of new streetcar systems to retrofit and electrification of existing infrastructure that take into consideration the appeals of a diverse set of users. (Streetcar track rehabilitation, Toronto, ON.)


Design that Shapes the Growth of Your City

As urban centers expand, the need for transit infrastructure to accommodate the growing population and to safely take passengers to exactly where they need to go becomes more of a challenge. We design and reconfigure complex stations that are built to be hubs for an efficient and integrated transportation system. (Commuter Rail Station Expansion, Toronto, ON)


Operations Enhanced by Design

We help you increase efficiency in operations by designing facilities that incorporate advanced design features which reduce maintenance costs and improve occupant comfort, staff productivity, and faster turnaround and processing of your fleet. (New Bus Storage & Maintenance Facility Design, Edmonton, AB.)


Designing World Class Transportation

Many cities are currently challenged with having outgrown their current transit system and require faster, more efficient, and sustainable system to connect expanding communities. We provide design solutions for transformative light rail systems that move passengers safely and efficiently. (New award-winning Light Rail Transit System, Ottawa, ON.)


Transit Design Solutions that Drive Economic Growth and Social Prosperity

The transit and transportation industry, made up of owners, constructors, consultants, concessionaires, and lenders in the public and private sector, are challenged with meeting growing demands, perspectives, and competing investment priorities to achieving success.


Understanding that transit agencies across Canada have unique and complex goals and needs, our team of multi-disciplinary experts collaborate with stakeholder groups to provide in-house integrated design services that help transit systems of all sizes achieve optimal safety, sustainability, constructability, operability, and maintainability, with the community in mind.


Our Design Services:

Make us your first call for transit design services requiring the application of innovative approaches and technical services from project inception through to construction completion.


Transit Design in Action:

Bloor GO Station Redevelopment for Metrolinx, Toronto, ON

Morrison Hershfield was retained as the Prime Consultant and Lead Designer by Metrolinx, for the complex station redevelopment project. The objective was to undergo significant improvements and additions to the station in order to handle increased train service and to support Metrolinx’s long-term vision for the Bloor GO Station to be a mobility hub, integrating the various transit services and improving connections to transit facilities from adjacent neighborhoods.


Scope: Complete reconfiguration of the rail platform in order to accommodate two separate passenger fleets: the 12-car consist-based Kitchener commuter rail service and the high-floor, DMU-based “UP Express” high-frequency passenger service between Pearson International Airport and Union Station. As well, the construction of major, below-grade passenger amenities and ticketing operations facilities; a track-crossing pedestrian tunnel complex; the modification of a 1920’s-era railway bridge; and, the improved interconnection between the GO station and adjacent Dundas West TTC subway station.


Results: Passenger use has increased over 400% (and is estimated to increase further) by accommodating the additional passenger fleets which provide riders with all-day and direct access to Union Station, Pearson Airport and beyond, which was not an option for passengers previously.


Our Role:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Tendering Support
  • Construction Administration
  • Sub-Consultant Coordination

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