The Carson Awards

We've stood for excellence since the day Carson Morrison formed it. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, innovation, leadership, teamwork and day-to-day ability to get the job done right.

The Carson Awards of Excellence

The Carson Awards of Excellence is an internal awards program where award nominees are submitted by our peers and selected by a panel of judges formed by our clients and representatives in the engineering sector across North America.

Named after Carson Morrison, one of the founders of Morrison Hershfield and a proud contributor to the engineering industry, the awards ceremony is held each year on the anniversary that Morrison Hershfield was founded. The presentations take place in each of our offices simultaneously through video conference call.

The Carson Awards recognizes, celebrates and advertises those who strive to achieve excellence, either through their daily activities, through the development of innovative and elegant engineering solutions, or the development of new markets and products.

Award Categories


Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding effort in providing service to a customer or to several customers, or to inspiring/helping to generally raise the level of customer service.


Awarded to an individual or to each member of a group who is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the company and/or a project through creativity and innovation by working in original ways to convey a winning idea or technique.


Awarded to an individual who is a graduate in the past 3 years from a college or university and that during this time their contribution has significantly added to the success of Morrison Hershfield.


Awarded to each member of a group (i.e. internal or external project teams, committees) who have demonstrated an exemplary ability to work together for a common goal; using the contributions of all team members; good communication between members; showed an ability to function optimally as a group to achieve a result.


Awarded to an individual whose contribution to the ongoing successful operation is especially noteworthy but may be largely “behind the scenes”.


Awarded to an individual who has excelled in the development of others through mentoring and coaching, and in so doing, has had a positive impact on the level of knowledge, expertise and culture within the company. The award was named after Art Johns, former Morrison Hershfield Chairman and recipient of the Gold Medal from the Professional Engineers of Ontario, who exemplified leadership during his career and a commitment to the continual development of our people.


Awarded to an individual or members of a group who substantially contributed to sustainability, either through project involvement, community involvement or to Morrison Hershfield as an organization. In this category nominees can be self nominated in order to ensure awareness in Morrison Hershfield of efforts external to the organization


Awarded to an individual with exemplary professional practice and leadership skills, who has continually provided outstanding and sustained contributions to the firm and the industry. This individual has to have contributed to the culture and capabilities of Morrison Hershfield for over 20 years.

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