Lower Stl’atl’imx Tribal Council Waste Management System Implementation

Waste management system infrastructure was completed for three remote First Nations communities which provides a full range of recycling services, additional waste disposal capacity and allows for the communities to achieve a higher standard of waste management. (Northern BC)


Surrey Recycling and Waste Drop-off Facility

In response to Metro Vancouver’s 80% waste diversion target, our team provided preliminary and detail design for new facility that includes self-haul, small-vehicle recycling and waste drop-off with a recycling/EDR program depot, transfer station building, office building, three scales, scale houses and canopy, recycling canopies and diesel refueling station. (Vancouver, BC)


Recycling & Waste Drop-off

Recycling & Waste Drop-off

Drop-off facility operators must balance effective technologies and efficient processes with affordable user fees and manageable wait times for the communities they serve. Our cost-effective solutions for recycling and waste drop-off help improve facilities to increase capacity and minimize customer wait times and inbound queues.

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Landfill Design
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Asset Types

Organic Waste Transfer and Processing
Recycling & Waste Drop-off
Resource Recovery
Transfer Stations
Waste, Recycling and Organics Collection

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