Surrey Recycling and Waste Drop Off Facility

During the design and construction phases of this project, Morrison Hershfield has provided environmental oversight to the owner, Metro Vancouver. Key tasks included assessing an adjacent creek to determine the permitting requirements, collecting potentially contaminated soil samples for analysis, preparing an application for a City of Surrey Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Permit, drafting environmental specifications for the construction contract, reviewing and commenting on the general contractor’s Environmental Management Plan and conducting site inspections.


Bigstone Cree Nation Landfill

Morrison Hershfield completed the Environmental Review of the proposed Bigstone Cree Nation landfill, as required by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). The environmental review identified the potential environmental and socio-economic effects of the project, and the potential effects on Indigenous peoples’ traditional and cultural use of the project area. Measures to mitigate all of the potential effects of the project were described in the Environmental Review report.


Coquitlam Transfer Station

During the construction phase of this project, Morrison Hershfield has provided environmental oversight to the owner, Metro Vancouver. MH drafted environmental specifications for the construction contract, reviewed and commented on environmental plans and reports prepared by the general contractor, and conduced periodic site inspections with a focus on compliance with environmental requirements.


Permitting, Approvals and Compliance

Obtaining regulatory and stakeholder approval for any project requires a thorough consideration of environmental design objectives. In addition to avoiding and mitigating impacts to the natural environment, these objectives must increasingly address opportunities for mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts. Our team is connected with regulatory agencies and know what is needed when conducting assessments to ensure a smooth application process.

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