Waste Management Plan Cost and Revenue Models

As part of the process of updating regional solid waste management plans, Morrison Hershfield developed detailed cost and revenue models to support the long term decision-making process. These models helped with evaluating different planning scenarios such as new facility implementation, service area consolidation and various tipping fee / taxation rates. (Peace River and Kitimat-Stikine, BC)


Solid Waste Infrastructure Costing and Business Case Analysis

Business case analyses were completed involving assessing capital and operating costs for various waste management scenarios. Scenarios included transfer stations, organics management facilities and waste-to-energy facilities. Long term cost models were developed to determine an overall cost per tonne for each scenario. These studies have been key to making long term decisions for facilities and potential locations. (Courtenay, BC)


Solid Waste Collections Support

The City of Wetaskiwin currently provides curbside garbage collection to its residents. Morrison Hershfield completed a full financial analysis of the City’s solid waste system and determined whether the City could introduce recyclables and organics collection streams, without increasing user fees. The City is currently exploring options to increase service levels based on Morrison Hershfield’s analysis. (Wetaskiwin, AB)



Cost and Financial Modeling

Financial modeling of solid waste projects helps owners and operators make informed decisions regarding the allocation of funds or potential cost savings measures for their facilities and programs. Our team is able to provide cost estimates for new projects or upgrades to existing solid waste processing facilities and operations to help you understand the economic viability of a proposed project. We can also prepare cost models for evaluating multiple alternatives and for evaluating whole waste management systems.

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