Rehabilitation of Window Wall System

Working closely with the homeowners association, we performed an initial assessment and completed a cost-benefit analysis of different repair options to propose an effective, budget-appropriate remediation solution which included rehabilitation of the window wall system. (Cascadian Court – Portland, OR)


Remediation of Cement Panel and Curtain Wall

Targeted repairs and cost-effective solutions can aid in extending the life of a building, helping our clients get more from their assets and investments. We provided design recommendations and oversight to ensure proper rehabilitation techniques were used for the remediation of the cement panel and curtain wall interfaces of this commercial office building. (Two Live Oak – Atlanta, GA)


Restoration of Heritage Buildings

Improper building modifications can compromise the durability and lifespan of the building envelope. Our heritage expertise helped to address the problems caused by inappropriate alterations, including masonry restoration of this 1914 historic municipal building. (Entry Portico, City Hall – Port Coquitlam, BC)


Full Exterior Rehabilitation

Clear communication is key in any project. We worked diligently with the Homeowners’ Association and Property Manager to plan and design the full exterior rehabilitation of this wood-frame condominium complex, also providing construction oversight and post-construction consultation. (Scona Station – Edmonton, AB)


Rehabilitation & Renovation

Water intrusion and air leakage, coupled with the natural aging process, can wreak havoc on buildings and repairs are often done piecemeal. With a deep knowledge of building science and experience with hundreds of buildings across North America, we work with you to identify the source of the problem from the outside in.

Our Process

We listen and help define a plan that fits your unique circumstances in collaboration with building owners, residential and institutional property managers, as well as contractors. Effective solutions may include replacement of specific components, full repairs or phasing to meet budget constraints.

It is our responsibility to outline the options, advantages, risks and costs inherent with your specific project. We also evaluate cost-effective architectural changes, energy efficiency measures and potential energy rebates.

We design and implement repairs of deficient elements that restore life and property value to once troubled homes and businesses. From wood-framed, low-rise buildings to steel and glass high-rise structures, our detailed design and construction documents ensure that wall, window, deck, roof and foundation rehabilitation is done right, within budget and with minimal disruption to occupants.

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