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Remembering the First 75 Years

Morrison Hershfield has had a lot to celebrate over the last 75 years! We are proud of our evolution, and happy to share some of the milestones that have shaped who we are today.


Morrison Hershfield was Born

Morrison Hershfield was Born

Partnership venture between Carson Morrison, Charlie Hershfield, Joseph Millman and Mark Huggins officially commenced, offering structural, civil and mechanical engineering services.


The Early Days

The Early Days

The firm’s partners were known for their specialized knowledge of wood structures, concrete structures, structural analysis, mechanical engineering and guyed towers. Early projects included Odeon theatres in Toronto and Paramount theatres in Port Arthur and Halifax and a timber tote road bridge in Kapuskasing.


Early Telecom Projects

Early Telecom Projects

In the 1950s, Morrison Hershfield was deeply involved with infrastructure for the major expansion of communications facilities across Canada, including radio and TV towers from coast to coast and early warning systems in the Far North. The Jarvis Street Tower in Toronto was among our first tower projects, and at 540 feet it was the second tallest freestanding structure in Canada for several years and the second tallest freestanding lattice tower ever built in Canada.




Award-Winning Engineering: Structural Design of Avon Theatre in Stratford

Award-Winning Engineering: Structural Design of Avon Theatre in Stratford

Innovative structural design involved using a compression ring between the radial arch ribs of the roof to reduce distortion caused by uneven snow loading. This allowed the architect’s vision of the interior space to materialize. Twenty-six years later, this engineering masterpiece would be cited in support of the award of the Engineering Medal to Mr. Hershfield by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Message from the President & CEO

This is an exciting year for Morrison Hershfield! Seventy-five years ago, three university professors and an established consulting engineer decided to form the engineering practice that is now Morrison Hershfield. Since then, we’ve had much to be proud of and a great deal to be thankful for! We have matured into a sophisticated, future focused organization, determined to sustain our culture and commitment to multi-generational ownership.

For 75 years, we have embraced our unique culture and worked together to make a difference. We are fortunate to have developed relationships with many outstanding clients over the years and privileged to have partnered with a myriad of exceptional firms on a wide range of projects.

We take great pride in our journey as an employee-owned engineering firm and the important contributions we’ve made to our clients, communities and the lives of generations of employees. And, although much has changed, some things remain the same. The high standards set by our founders formed our Core Values and Principles for dealing with the public, our clients and each other. These define who we are, and who we’ll always be.

As we begin the next phase of our evolution as a firm, we are driven by our ambition to deliver an exceptional client experience and unrivaled employee experience, within a progressive, inclusive and inspiring environment. Morrison Hershfield is ready to embrace the possibilities that lay ahead, and we look forward to working together to shape the next 75 years!


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