Unleashing Our Full Potential

Our 2020VISION is founded on our core values and principles.

Unleashing Our Full Potential

Our 2020VISION

Harness the Power of Our Culture

  • We value the unique culture we’ve created within our firm.
  • Our culture offers a distinct and attractive alternative to current and future generations.
  • Our strategy will position Morrison Hershfield as a top destination in North America for professionals that share our core values and who seek a balanced, supportive & intellectually challenging work environment.

Grow in Strategic Markets

  • Thriving as a mid-size, employee-owned firm demands market focus.
  • A market leader in selected and relevant markets poised to deliver superior results over many years.

Be Recognized for Our Expertise

  • Our strategy is anchored by exceptional technical and solution experts who are attracted by the work we do.
  • We are known for our reputation of excellence and will maintain an ongoing commitment to professional development.
  • While growth is essential, retention of our valued employees is key.

Remain Innovative and Agile

  • While the 2020VISION enhances our focus on a narrow set of markets: continued success demands that we improve our ability to innovate across every aspect of our business and maintain an agility our larger competitors can’t match.
  • We will recognize opportunity and successfully pursue and drive internal changes important to our success.

Committed to 100% Employee Ownership

  • We will control our own destiny.
  • We remain committed to retaining full control by remaining a 100% employee owned firm.
  • As stewards for future generations of employees, we are committed to leaving this firm stronger and better than it is today.