Monitoring of Building Envelope Assemblies

Our special electronic measuring instruments and sensors provide both field and laboratory testing for critical insight of in-service building performance.


Window Water Testing

By performing water penetration field testing of the glazing assemblies we evaluate performance and uncover specific deficiencies within the building envelope.


Frost Point Testing

By determining the condition of the dessicant in the IGU’s, we are able to assist owners and operators with prioritizing renewal strategies


Building Monitoring Weather Station

Through the collection of site-specific data, we manage uncertainty and gain insight to make informed decisions.


Testing & Monitoring

Testing & Monitoring

When combined with an understanding of how buildings work, testing and monitoring can provide critical insight for building performance. Whether diagnosing a problem to confirm performance in a commissioning role or understanding how a material or assembly will perform over the long-term, Morrison Hershfield’s experience and engineering judgment make us more than a testing agency. We strive to help our clients by designing appropriate test programs and providing actionable insight and understanding to guide decisions.

We carry out both field and laboratory testing including: whole-building air leakage testing, smoke testing, thermographic scanning and interpretation, tracer gas testing, air quality testing, roof flood testing, window and curtain wall testing (air, water, thermal resistance and condensation), structural testing of secondary structural elements as well as frost point testing to test the seals of insulated glass units.

Longer term monitoring is used to evaluate time-based performance parameters. Our team has experience monitoring buildings over the long term for:

  • Combined heat, air, and moisture movement in buildings under the influence of varying indoor and exterior environments
  • Whole building energy measurement and verification
  • Monitoring of new and innovative technologies for clients who want to push the envelope and know that the design assumptions translate to measurable gains in performance

We regularly assist manufacturers and industry trade organizations with product development and case studies to demonstrate market advantages. Through our research and development projects, we seek answers to questions that are often not well quantified.

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