Water Performance Testing

We performed water testing of the curtain wall at the 70th floor and provided recommendations for enclosing this highly exposed space. (Columbia Tower – Seattle, WA)


Condition Assessment

By performing our visual condition assessment of the window wall glazing system from a bosun’s chair, we saved the client the considerable cost of renting a swing stage. (Teck Building – Calgary, AB)


Infrared Thermography Investigation

Our infrared scanning of this roof provided a non-invasive technique to determine the specific locations of points of moisture intrusion. (Bellevue Marriott Roof – Bellevue, WA)


Building Envelope Assessment

We assessed the condition of the terracotta and masonry cladding, providing recommendations for remediation of existing damage and maintenance strategies to mitigate future deterioration of this historic building. (Boston Building – Salt Lake City, UT)


Curtain Wall Condition Assessment

As part of a due diligence effort, we performed a condition assessment to investigate the current state of the curtain wall glazing of this 23-story office tower and provided cost-effective remediation recommendations. (Pinnacle – Atlanta, GA)


Facility Assessment & Investigation

Facility Assessment & Investigation

We conduct property condition assessments and investigations across North America to provide owners and facility managers with critical information to make decisions. These reviews are done as part of the due diligence process, for refinancing purposes or to investigate building condition concerns.

Our goal is to identify potential ownership risks and liabilities early in the due diligence period or with investigations to identify building envelope issues and provide recommendations for solutions to improve building performance. Our market-focused team can promptly mobilize to review the building envelope, structural, mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems.

Our Facility Condition Assessment Reports

Our reports are prepared in general conformance with ASTM E-2018-08. Report formats are customized based on the complexity of the property to allow efficient review by clients in the typically accelerated schedules. Executive summaries, spreadsheets of anticipated costs and teleconferences enable us to convey considerable information quickly.

Additional detailed reviews including seismic analysis and testing are also available if needed. Large portfolio condition assessment projects require a different level of organization and preparation. Our geographical reach, team size and ability to mobilize has enabled us to deliver extremely large and complex portfolio reviews of properties across Canada and the US on schedule without sacrificing the thoroughness of the review and quality of deliverables.

Our experienced and qualified teams, through the use of physical testing, diagnose building envelope defects such as water infiltration, air leakage and thermal discomfort; identify the cause; and provide practical working solutions.

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